How does one behave towards a companion? Well, common sense, decency and respectful conduct go along way in ensuring a pleasurable interaction from start to finish!

First of all, please ensure you read through my website, if, after doing so you still have a question that you would like me to answer, and it is not already clear on my site, do email me at Taking the time to word your question politely and clearly will mean I will respond promptly.

Please do not attempt to haggle with me over my stated rates. My rates are non negotiable, and it is impolite to ask me to consider lowering my price. Time, both mine and yours, is precious, and I put a lot of time and energy into my work.

Screening is a must – if you decline, then so will I.

On my arrival please have payment ready, in cash, and produced promptly at the very start of the booking. I do not accept paypal or bank transfer.

Good hygiene is a must! Be fresh out of the shower and ready for all the fun that is guaranteed to ensue.

As I am a guest, be a decent host and have refreshments on offer when I arrive, whether it’s a glass of white wine or water, I appreciate good manors in a gentleman.

Gifts are greatly appreciated, but they are not mandatory.

Respectful open communication and conduct will lead to pleasurable session.

I do not tolerate any aggression or abusive behaviour.

Lastly, my sessions are all carried out using safe practices. If you ask me to consider forgoing protection then I will be forgoing the appointment and you will be blacklisted.

Ava xx